Standing Tall is a 501(c)3 non-profit and your donation is tax-deductible.  When you give, you help ensure Standing Tall continues to develop to keep up the current social issues and the needs of the community.  With our work in teaching life skills and interacting with horses, amazing positive changes occur.  Young people (and adults) who ordinarily shun physical and emotional closeness with other people can often accept it from a horse.


The bond between humans and horses can help build trust, respect, affection, confidence, responsibility, assertiveness, communication skills, and working as a team. This interaction allows the human to practice patience, understanding, attention, forgiveness, and unconditional acceptance—abilities they will find useful throughout their lives.  Together, we can help our community.


​Other Ways to Support Standing Tall

  • Purchase Standing Tall Soap in our gift shop for $10

  •  Sign up for Amazon Smiles making designating StandingStanding Tall as your preferred nonprofit. 

  • Sign up at Kroger Grocery Store designating Standing Tall as your preferred non-profit. to support.

  • Monetary contributions: Donations by credit card may be made at Wildwood Stables or over the phone. Checks should be made out to Standing Tall Life Skills, Inc. and mailed to Attn: Michelle Cannon, President 116 Flossmoor Circle, Crossville, TN 38558 or dropped off at Wildwood Stable

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