In a time when video games and cell phones socially isolate our youth, they miss out on developing social skills which will help them be more successful in life.  Our program is designed to promote trust, friendships and foster healthy relationships within their families and the community.  We encourage our students to set goals and achieve their full potential.

Students will receive a Standing Tall T-shirt that is to be worn every week.  We will also provide beverages and snacks.


Our programs and activities are totally free.  Currently, our target group is for youth ages seven and up.  Parents may enroll their children by giving us a call or email.  We will send an application for you to complete or you can download the forms needed below.   We also offer two hour  Horse 101 workshops for individuals, adults, and groups.


The Process: 

1. Complete the Application paperwork. 

Send the application by email: standingtall.lifeskills@gmail.com

or by mail to Attn: Michelle Salazar, President 116 Flossmoor Circle, Crossville, TN 38558.

2. Standing Tall Staff will call parent/guardian for an Intake Screening/Needs Assessment,

3. Student will be notified when to start,

Stand Up 2 Hour Class

This course is a basic introduction to  horses and ground work.  This class is designed for Veterans, agencies,  schools or parents to refer their students to become acquainted with learning life skills from a horse.


Standing Tall 6 Week Class

This course is a comprehensive six week course developed to introduce life skills with the help of our horses.  Parents may sign their children up for the course. For more info and placement, contact Michelle Salazar, President at 931-200-2195.

Standing Tall -Living in Excellence Program

iThis is a seven week faith-based life skills program for adults.  Each life skills has a biblical reference.  A parenting class and financial responsibility are included in this program.  Participants interact and ride horses forming a bond of trust and love. 

Available Classes

Class Schedule

Our Classes are held at The Standing Tall Workshop and Arena across from Wildwood Stables -

1450 Westchester Drive, Crossville, TN. 

The 2021 Shedule to be announced.


The program  is 100% FREE  for  participants!

To learn more about Wildwood Stables, please click the icon below. You will be directed to the website.


Youth Class Application

Adult Class Application

Waiver of Liability

We'd love to receive feedback from students & family members who have participated in our classes! Feedback is valuable and vital to our program so we can make sure we are providing the absolute BEST services to those in our classes.

Please click the link below to answer some questions about our program.

Thank you!

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